£1 million investment in Superfast support will help Dorset’s rural businesses

Superfast Business Launch Event Dorset

Over 3,000 SMEs across Dorset are set to benefit from a £1 million investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Superfast Dorset to help them benefit from new digital technologies enabled by faster broadband.

The new Superfast Business service, which launched this month in association with WSX Enterprise Ltd, helps eligible businesses to learn about, and exploit, the opportunities that digital technologies and fibre-optic broadband present.

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Blog: Service Prototyping, Agile Methodology and Lean

Launching new services and products can be a time-consuming, expensive business. What’s worse, traditional methods, involving extensive research, planning and development might actually deliver an end result with no future in the marketplace.

To understand why this might be the case it’s worth looking at the environment most businesses are operating in and highlighting some of the key trends.

Change, complexity and individuality

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Blog: A life in the clouds

Whilst it is true that some people simply cannot divorce themselves from the workplace because of the type of work they do, high speed connections to the internet, such as superfast broadband and 4G, are enabling the majority of us to do business remotely with ease. Of course this freedom is a major change for most workers and needs to be managed carefully to maximise the benefits and avoid any obvious pitfalls.


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Blog: What does your digital identity say about your company?

Well, quite a lot actually. In fact new research from TalkTalk claims that small changes to your company’s digital identity – including carefully chosen email and web addresses or phone numbers – could result in significantly more business opportunities coming through the door.

So, let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to help improve your company’s perception in the eyes of those potential, and hopefully soon to be hooked, customers.

Getting the right domain name

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Key delivery partner, Cosmic IT, wins national BT technology award

Cosmic provide strategic input to the development of our service, training and support to the Business Adviser Group.  They also deliver our event programme for partners and clients.

The award, sponsored by BT, recognises inspiring UK-based organisations which are supporting digital inclusion activities by enabling and encouraging people to get online.

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