Blog: The third industrial revolution – the digitisation of manufacturing

The first industrial revolution brought us mechanisation, the second brought us mass production and assembly lines. Now a third is extending the 20th century's digital revolution into the manufacturing domain. This is thanks to a convergence of technologies: computerised controls, digital design, new materials, advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs) such as 3D printing, renewable energy, and of course Superfast Broadband and the Web.

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Blog: The Digital Collaboration Journey

Where once digital collaboration might have meant little more than copying people into emails or a dependency on complex, enterprise IT systems, it's now more likely to incorporate a number of different apps and platforms. The explosion in these tools has led to an incredible range of formats and approaches, but how do we pull together what we need in order to achieve our collaboration goals?

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Blog: Moving your business to the cloud

If, like me, you run a small business then you probably don’t have a dedicated IT department or racks of computer hardware in multiple data centres around the globe. But, even without vast resources, human or capital, you can still make use of IT systems and services on a par with those used by large organisations, and all you need is a decent internet connection and some run-of-the-mill devices to connect to them. This is possible thanks to cloud computing, which is fast becoming the de facto standard method for delivering and receiving IT services. But what is cloud computing?

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Superfast Business Team at NextGen 13

This is a well established national conference focusing on all aspects of Next Generation broadband access with a wide audience ranging from funders/government, large infrastructure suppliers, ISPs, local authorities, ICT suppliers and consultants, GoOn UK as well as some businesses.

If you’re attending come and visit us at stand number 25.  We are also presenting ‘Engaging Businesses to Drive Demand for Superfast Broadband’ in the Presentation Theatre on Tuesday 15th October at 12.15pm.  Details of our presentation are below:

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