Blog: The Risks of Cloud Computing

In my first blog post for this website I provided an overview of cloud computing entitled ‘Moving your business to the cloud’. In this post I’ll expand on the potential risks of cloud computing for small businesses. I’ll discuss external and internal risks, and how to mitigate them, and I’ll urge you to consider carefully your business’s responsibilities and appetite for risk before you ‘make the move’.

External risks

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Blog: YouTube if You Want

OK, everybody smile and look as handsome as you can for the camera – we’re doing a corporate video. What? Yes, on the phone, it’s high resolution so it’s going to do the job. Huh? Of course it has a mic on it and somewhere there’s a video app, and we can dummy up some sort of titles using PowerPoint, there are plenty of fonts and backgrounds, there’s going to be a template we can adapt a bit – if we need to at all…

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Exciting opportunity for manufacturers

Technology is ever-evolving, and each new advance brings with it enormous opportunity. But unless we harness these advances and move with the changing times, opportunities can very easily be lost.

Right now the combination of superfast broadband and cloud computing, allied with targeted funding support for the region, means manufacturing businesses across the South West have an unprecedented opportunity to grow their business and enjoy tangible results by embracing the concept of a 'virtual factory'.

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Blog: How Effective is e-Learning?


What comes into your mind on hearing the term ‘e-Learning’? Boring page turners where the only thing you have to do is ‘click here’ to get the next screen-full? They do exist; but not all e-Learning is bad. Here’s a thought ….. If you read a bad book your reaction is one of ‘bad author’; but if you see a bad e-Learning course the probable reaction is one of ‘all e-Learning’s bad’! And it isn’t. So how do you tell?

The acid test is this ….. ‘Is it fit for purpose?’ And behind that lies the real question – what are you trying to achieve with e-Learning?

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Superfast broadband provides a major economic boost to SMEs

  • 6 out of 10 SMEs growing thanks to faster connections
  • 83 per cent saving time and money
  • More than a quarter have created or safeguarded jobs

New independent research, published today by SERIO at Plymouth University and Buckman Associates1, show that Cornwall's superfast broadband network is already providing a major economic boost to SMEs in the Cornwall region.

Superfast Business helps growing Devon company to transform

CARE, run by father and daughter partnership Bob and Beverly Clarke, is an electrical appliances repair company which was keen to expand its business after a decade of trading, but needed to update the existing limited IT systems first.

The company was one of the first businesses in Devon to benefit from the fully-funded support on offer from the Superfast Business service, which is working to help companies make better use of new digital technologies and boost growth.

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Manufacturers - enter our competition to win an iPad

Until recently, many small and medium sized manufacturers and engineering companies wishing to take advantage of modern technologies faced a high barrier to entry.

Superfast broadband and the internet has changed all that.  There is now much more of a level playing field.  On the web no one can tell how large or small you company is and anyone can sell to pretty much anywhere.  And, unlike traditional CAD and manufacturing systems, the latest cloud-based services require little or no initial financial outlay.  Meaning all you need now is the knowledge to find it and exploit it.

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