Blog: Why should IT suppliers join the Superfast Business network?

The service aims to ensure that businesses not only understand the benefits of the available technologies, and the business case for investing in them, but that they know what they are buying and how to buy and implement it.

To this extent Superfast Business is actually creating a marketplace for technology based on the new opportunities that fibre broadband brings. And being a South West project, it aims to ensure that South West suppliers can benefit.

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Broadband boost to business in Bath & North East Somerset

With broadband speeds and availability improvements currently being carried out in Bath and North East Somerset this is an exciting and positive time for businesses across the South West.  The introduction of faster broadband means businesses can embrace the latest technologies, create greater opportunities and improve efficiencies.  Superfast Business, a new service launching in the region, offers fully funded support to help businesses do just that.

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Blog: What’s new for Social Media in 2014?

New Research- Less Business, More Social

A survey that was recently carried out in the US[1] states that a quarter of people don’t want to read comments from brands or companies and 50% of people want to be more social on social media by keeping in touch more with new and old friends and family. With this in mind, we as commercial organisations have to step up our social media strategy to meet the demand for more social and less sales orientated content.

Be Visual, Be Social

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Don’t let bad weather put a deep freeze on your business

With recent winters in the UK bringing with them severe weather in the form of heavy rain and snow, businesses are suffering at the hands of Mother Nature; last year more than half (55%)[i] of UK small firms were impacted financially by extreme weather. Superfast Business is offering a series of workshops to help businesses in the south-west utilise technology to grow their business and stay operational when severe weather is causing disruption to the region’s infrastructure.

The cost of weather-risk

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New campaign urges people to be 'Cyber Streetwise'

The ‘Cyber Streetwise’ campaign aims to change the way people view online safety and provide the public and businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to take control of their cyber security. The campaign includes a new easy-to-use website and online videos.

With more than 11 million internet-enabled devices received as gifts during the Christmas period, Cyber Streetwise will help in the fight against online criminals. People are encouraged to protect themselves and their families online by visiting the website for tips and advice.

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New £10m pot to pilot alternative broadband technologies as focus switches to help most remote areas.

Alternative broadband technologies

A £10 million fund will be available to alternative technology providers who come forward with innovative ideas to help superfast broadband reach Britain’s most remote communities the Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, announced today. The announcement coincides with the appointment of a new Broadband Chief Exec, Chris Townsend, who helped to deliver the hugely successful London 2012 Games. He will take on delivery of the whole Broadband Delivery programme including the fund announced today.

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£8 million technology boost for UK high streets

A brand new, £8 million initiative, designed to re-invigorate UK high streets, has been announced by Science and Universities Minister, David Willetts, today (10 January 2014).

The initiative, a funding competition run by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, will allow businesses to compete for funding awards, in order to trial innovative ways of addressing the challenges facing UK high streets.

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