Superfast broadband has enabled CANtronik to bring much of the IT – including all of their web-based project management – in-house and back up their data securely off site.

The Business

CANtronik was formed in February 2007 by Managing Director Dave Winwood. Based in the village of Upton in Purbeck, south east Dorset, the microelectronics engineering company makes engine monitors for harsh environments in industries such as marine, agriculture and construction.

All types of modern engines are controlled by sophisticated electronic systems. CANtronik’s rugged and adaptable products access the data produced by these systems and provide a clear and concise display of all engine parameters and alarms such as RPM, oil pressure and coolant temperature.

The business employs seven people and recently moved to new premises in order to combine its headquarters and design office.


Benefits of Superfast

Superfast broadband was installed in May 2013 shortly after moving to the new site. The new fibre connection has transformed previous download speeds of 4-6Mbps to 80Mbps, according to James Attewell, Director of Engineering at CANtronik.

He said: “Superfast broadband has enabled us to bring much of the IT – including all of our web-based project management – in-house and back up our data securely off site. There’s not an hour that goes by that we don’t use the internet and the faster connection makes such a difference. Whereas before, for example, if somebody was downloading a large file then Skype wouldn’t work and everything would slow down. Now everyone can do what they want without interruption. Some of the customer projects involve downloading and uploading massive files so it’s really important for us.

“Previously working remotely was difficult, but now we have a VPN (virtual private network) set up and can all connect to the servers exactly as if we were in the office. If we are visiting customers we can take a laptop and connect with our LAN (local area network). Basically everything works better.”


Future growth

The company has ambitious plans to more than double in size again over the next 2-3 years, taking on more staff in sales, marketing and engineering to support its growth. James added: “We’ve only had superfast broadband for a short amount of time but already it has transformed the way we work and opened so many doors for future opportunities.  Amongst other plans, we now want to improve our website and upload videos of the products.”


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