CARE electrical repair engineers

Business uses digital technologies to take more care of its customers

The Business

CARE was founded over 10 years ago by a father and daughter team based in Exmouth, Devon, to provide repairs and servicing of electrical appliances for the domestic and commercial market. As a successful local business, CARE had plans to grow further. Beverly Clarke and her father Bob knew that a key part of their growth plans required updating the IT systems.


The Opportunity

CARE was still working with a spreadsheet system set up when the company was founded. Beverly was interested in updating the CARE website, as well as creating a more reliable way of storing customer records which would be easier to use and more securely backed up. Needing some sound advice, Beverly approached Superfast Business.


Support Provided

The initial Superfast Business adviser consultation found that the business would benefit from a CRM system to provide a more efficient way of maintaining customer records, create additional selling opportunities and improve the customer relationship process.

Further sessions with a specialist identified that a basic entry contact management system would also provide opportunities to build on their current database, and that a cloud back up system to enable remote access so staff can work from home, and provide an aid for disaster recovery, was needed.

The Superfast Business specialist showed Beverley how to set up a back-up, synchronising key files with a cloud service as well as Beverley’s computer at home, providing both data back-up and remote access to company files. Issues around the heavily paper-based system were also considered, with a trial solution using Google Contacts to store customer details, enabling Beverley to easily search records to find client details or job numbers quickly.

Beverly said the support was invaluable: “The Superfast Business service was wonderful and I can’t praise the team enough. They really listened to us to ensure they understood what our business was about and what we needed, and then gave us structured advice to help us improve the database and the way we worked.

“And they didn’t just help us with what we thought we needed; they worked out what other improvements could help us and suggested those too, so they went beyond expectations.”


The Benefits

With the specialist support and introduction of a contact management system, CARE was able to build on its existing database and create a system for further enhancements, as well as the ability to monitor customer referrals.

Beverly added: “Our specialist was brilliant in the way he supported us, taking the time to explain the processes in a way that I could understand. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but the service Superfast Business gave us was beyond anything we could have hoped for, and I would recommend it to anyone. The changes have improved the way we work and are already making a major difference – really helping us to work more efficiently. The new database is already an asset to our business.”


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