Terms of Business

Superfast Business provides access to support services to help you grow and develop your business. These services are made available by using public funds, therefore there is no direct cost to you provided that you meet the eligibility requirements set out on www.superfastbusiness.co.uk/eligibility-guidelines

Whilst Superfast Business will take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of any advice and/or information that it may provide, you acknowledge and accept that:

Superfast Business provides information and advice at its discretion and shall be entitled to stop providing such services at anytime and without reason;
All information provided by Superfast Business is for your use only and must not be communicated to other third parties (other than other professional advisers) without Peninsula Enterprise’s consent;
Superfast Business does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of any advice it gives;
Superfast Business provides no warranty and/or guarantee that such advice and/or information is suitable for your needs and shall not be liable to you for any loss, damage or costs incurred as a consequence of your use or reliance on such advice and/or information;
Your use of any advice and/or information given to you by Superfast Business is entirely at your own risk;
Superfast Business is not an authorised person for the purpose of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and is not advising as such.

Data Protection and the use of information provided by you

Any information provided by you (including personal information) will be used by Superfast Business

To enable Superfast Business to provide you with advice and assistance. This may include forwarding your information to other professional advisers;
To comply with any statutory reporting and audit requirements. This may include forwarding your personal information on to any organisation who has provided funding to Superfast Business, for information and reporting only
In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Your data will not be used by any third parties for marketing purposes. However, in order for us to assess your satisfaction with the service, you may be asked to respond to an independent Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Superfast Business will hold your information for as long as it is providing services to you and as long as Superfast Business deems reasonably necessary taking into account any legal, insurance or funding requirements.  EU funding requirements currently specify that information must be retained until 2025.

If you have any queries about the personal information we hold on you and/or how it is used, please write to the Quality & Audit Manager at Peninsula Enterprise, Tamar Science Park, 11 Research Way, Derriford, Plymouth PL6 8BT.  Please note that subject to any statutory maximum a charge will be levied for providing this information. This is currently £10.                                                                                                                              

Any additional contact by Superfast Business (by e-mail, post, fax and/or telephone) in relation to other products, events, seminars, news and services (whether provided by Superfast Business or associated third parties) will be in accordance with your preferences detailed on contact preferences which have been set up on your Knowledge Hub profile.  If you would like to change your preference at any time please visit log in to the knowledge hub and go to ‘Settings’>’Notification Settings’


The advice given is of a general nature and is provided for general guidance and assistance.  It is not intended to advise or instruct you on the specific requirements of your particular business.  Accordingly Superfast Business will not accept liability for loss or damage suffered by you or another party as a result of reliance being placed on the information supplied.  For the purposes of this disclaimer, the word ‘liability’ includes (but is not limited to) liability in tort (including negligence), liability in contract, liability for breach of statutory duty and liability for consequential loss.

These terms of business shall be construed in accordance with English law.


Definition of Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)

An SME is defined as an enterprise which:

Employs fewer than 250 employees at the time the application for support is made (including part time, seasonal and temporary staff), and
Has either an annual balance sheet of less than €43 million, or an annual turnover not exceeding €50 million; and
Is not more than one quarter owned by firm(s) that do not comply with the above requirements.

“De Minimis” State Aid - Commission Regulation (EC) N0. 69/2001

Potentially any assistance (funding and/or services) you may have received from a public body might be De Minimis Aid.  This could be from central, regional, devolved governments or agencies or local council. If you are not sure whether any assistance you have received is De Minimis Aid, please clarify with the body which granted the assistance.

The current Regulations allow a general enterprise to receive a maximum of €200,000 (approx £158,000) of aid over any continuous period of 3 fiscal years.

Key Financial Performance Data

In order for Superfast Business to assess the impact of its service you will be required to provide forecast and actual key financial performance data available through management or audited accounts. This will be evaluated and your adviser will review the findings with you. The data may also be used to report on the Superfast Business service collective impact to relevant funding bodies. This information must be provided to ensure ongoing project support.


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