TickRemember – it’s about IT resources

The cloud is a way of providing IT resources, not a technology in itself.

TickDon’t forget working in the cloud still needs managing

The cloud reduces day-to-day fiddling with IT, but it still needs overall management.

Consider new opportunities, not just a replacement of existing services

Don’t see the cloud as only a replacement for existing IT. Does it make new tools and technologies available to you, too?

TickMonitor your on-premise and in-the-cloud activities

Keep clear records of which IT functions are happening in the cloud and which are in-house – and where data is stored.

TickCheck thoroughly before going live

Thoroughly test how your in-house IT will interface with cloud services, and how data will be migrated, before going live.

It’s not just about your IT department

Remember that moving to the cloud will affect – and empower – many parts of the business, not just the IT department.

TickGo for a phased migration and keep moving forward

Start small, but think big.


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