Guide to the Creative Sector

The UK creative sector is a dynamic mixture of industries that includes music, film, broadcast, video and computer games production, design and publishing, and a host of complementary services such as advertising, marketing, software development and web design. It is estimated to generate 6-8% of the UK’s economic output and employ around two million people. The advertising industry alone will be worth £17.7 billion by 2016 (source: PwC); the publishing industry turns over £19 billion annually; and more than 30% of video games software sold in Europe are developed by British studios. Technology is the tool that drives innovation, flexibility, interactive customer relationships and new business models in this sector. But companies can only make the best use of it if they have access to high-speed broadband services which support intensive web consumption, and allow them to develop services and products of their own, reflecting the latest and best in modern technology: content sharing and social viewing platforms, music sharing services and content curation tools. Given this, SMEs in the creative sector have a key role to play in driving demand for and influencing the development of a world-class digital infrastructure which allows them to continue developing and producing the best possible content in a very competitive global market.

Guide to the Creative Sector

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