Guide to IT Contracts

You will sign up to online services by entering into contracts – with suppliers of superfast broadband, hosting, on-demand software as a service, service level agreements, and possibly associated development and customisation services. There is no one-size-fits-all. Different suppliers provide different combinations of services at different charges on different terms. Consider how you will be using the services, so that you can select what is most appropriate from the suppliers who can best deliver them. These contracts will nearly all be on the suppliers’ standard terms. Make certain you understand the contractual commitments. Discuss any points where it does not look as if you will be getting what you expect. If a supplier understands why a specific change is necessary, you may be able to agree to amend that particular point. The supplier needs to make a reasonable return from supplying the services, but your business will be relying on the services being provided, and you must get value from the payments you will be making.

Guide to IT Contracts

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