Guide to the Manufacturing Sector

In the past, small manufacturers and engineering companies wishing to take advantage of modern IT systems faced a high barrier to entry. Hardware, software, maintenance and of course regular updates were all expensive, which meant that only bigger companies could afford the most advanced systems for processes such as stock control, costing, supply chain management and CAD CAM. The internet - and now the cloud - has changed all that. There is now much more of a level playing field - on the web no one can tell how large or small your company is, unless you tell them of course, and anyone can sell to pretty much anywhere. And the cloud, together with Superfast Broadband, has taken it further, allowing large and expensive programs to be shared online, sliced up and rented out on a per-seat or per-day basis, and accessed via a web browser or even a smartphone or tablet. Equally importantly for some companies, it turns a capital expense into an operating expense.

Guide to the Manufacturing Sector

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