SFB Guide to Change Management

Effective change management is an essential ingredient to the successful implementation of technology-based projects that are made possible by Superfast Broadband. When new systems are introduced, to improve the performance and/or reduce costs, they need to be part of a more general rethink on the way in which people will work. Without changing people’s behaviour, at best the full potential of any new system is unlikely to be achieved, while there is a serious risk that the new system will be rejected and any investment wasted. Change management involves the process of influencing people’s feelings, attitudes, mind-sets, and behaviours to achieve widespread organisational support for a programme of change intended to achieve business benefits. The people who have some form of interest in the change are known as stakeholders. There are two main types: ‘sponsors’ are the people with power who have a direct interest in the project; and ‘targets’ who are people who will intentionally be affected by the change (they could be employees, business partners and customers).

SFB Guide to Change Management

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