As a company reliant on high speed networks Copyrite have completely embraced superfast broadband and love the business benefits and the ways in which they have grown as a result.

The business

Wimborne based Copyrite was formed 20 years ago and is a total office technology provider, including service and consultancy across document network printing & photocopiers, business software, information technology and web design.

The business employs around 60 people and has a customer base of approximately 2,000 customers from major multi-site global companies to SMEs and not for profit organisations.

As well as an HQ in Wimborne, Copyrite has satellite offices in Romsey and Warsash. Employees also work remotely from various locations.

Benefits of Superfast

Copyrite had been managing on download speeds of under 10 Mbps. After installing superfast broadband the two lines in Wimborne now operate at over 37Mpbs, with the Warsash office at around 45Mbps and improvements planned for Romsey.

David Beale, Copyrite’s Technology Consultant, said: “As a company reliant on high speed networks we have completely embraced superfast broadband and love the business benefits and the ways in which we have grown as a result.”

Office technology has evolved rapidly over the past two decades. To keep up with customer’s requirements, Copyrite established an IT division, now trading as Criterion IT. David added: “Superfast has made a huge difference to this part of the business. Before, if a client’s server or computer went wrong and network links were poor, you might send support personnel to visit that site. This affected fix times for the customer and impacted costs, it could mean that some businesses were fairly unhappy with the service and the price of supporting their networks. But with high speed broadband a large portion of the support can be done from our offices. We can remotely access client equipment literally anywhere (including a client that we have in Edinburgh), and can remotely interrogate them, find out what the problem is and in a lot of the cases fix it remotely.

“By constantly monitoring our client’s servers we can tell if one is performing poorly, is running out of resources or other problems and rather than being reactive we can be proactive, remote in if possible or send out a technician to fix it before the client even knows there’s anything wrong. All that is based around high speed broadband. Those facilities are integral to our business and without it we could not offer those types of services.”

Future growth

 “We have partnered with a company in Bournemouth who host our cloud services. Our clients are able to access our cloud through their superfast broadband giving vast improvements over old connections. Their data is automatically safe and off site, with multiple copies securely stored across different locations. We wouldn’t be able to offer cloud back up without superfast broadband so that has been another aspect that has worked out superbly.”

“Previously we had a significant number of sales & support employees coming to our office to access internal IT systems simply because of the performance issues accessing them remotely. Now staff have their laptops and anyone who has superfast broadband at home can have a Voice over IP phone as their extension. They can communicate directly with any incoming calls to our Wimborne office and access our business systems without delays. We have halved the office space for sales people and reduced travel costs.”

 “We’re delighted with everything that superfast broadband has brought, we just love it, and when another speed comes up we’ll jump on that as well. It has helped our business develop and grow and all sorts of communications have been improved. Our company has grown to an annual turnover now over £6 million. Our sales this year have been excellent with amazing orders with FTSE 250 companies. It has been fantastic and, as we’re always on the lookout for further opportunities, the growth will continue.”


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