Boosting productivity and improved communications is now a reality for glass and glazing firm

The Business

Cornwall Glass and Glazing is a family-run glazing firm that has grown from scratch over the last thirty years. Starting out in Truro as David Mitchell Glass and Glazing, the company quickly grew and in 1998 became Cornwall Glass and Glazing. The company now has over 160 employees and thirteen branches across the southwest, including its head office in St Austell.

The company has extensive glass processing facilities, enabling it to manufacture its own double and triple glazed sealed units and toughened glass to its customers' own requirements. A full glazing and fitting service is also provided, including a 24 hour emergency service.

Steve Michell, PR Manager, says: "We've become more and more dependent on I.T. to drive all aspects of the business. The arrival of superfast broadband is a godsend and it hasn't come a moment too soon.

Boosting productivity

"As the company expanded, the pressure on our bandwidth grew and grew so that even routine tasks like emails and online ordering became problematic. And if we wanted to back-up our systems or use any rich media content, we risked throwing colleagues off the connection altogether.

"Now that we have superfast broadband at our head office, we're already starting to see real benefits in terms of productivity and communication. With download speeds of up to 50 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds in excess of 10 Mbps, everyone can be online at the same time, without any loss of productivity or broadband performance.

Future-proof I.T. systems

"We aim to be as self-sufficient as we can with our I.T. infrastructure. Even our servers are located at our head office, so that we're completely in control of our systems and our data. We've also installed a second superfast connection as a back-up; both lines work together to cope with our needs but if either line develops a fault, we'll still be able to work seamlessly to our new levels of productivity.

"Moving forward, we're investing £100,000 in implementing new I.T. infrastructure and industry software to pave the way for further computerisation. We're also keen to get as many of our other branches connected to superfast broadband as possible, to enable more of our colleagues to take advantage of these amazing opportunities.

Better communication and collaboration

"That said, communications between colleagues in different locations are set to improve. We've been keen to install internet telephony but knew that until now our throttled bandwidth would never cope with the added pressure. Now, it's becoming a reality. We're also keen to start using video-conferencing to make it much easier to connect with our colleagues in remote locations. It's vital that we keep sharing information and best practice, and through video-conferencing we'll be able to reduce the amount of journeys we make across the region, creating big savings in time, money and, of course, our carbon footprint.

"There's no way that we could do what we're doing now, if it wasn't for superfast broadband; it really has enabled our I.T. development plans to come to fruition just at the right time."


This case study is courtesy of Superfast Cornwall, a pioneering programme to bring superfast broadband to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. For more information about Superfast Cornwall please visit

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