TickFocus on your data

Any CRM system is only as good as the data you put into it, in both quality and quantity.

TickIntegration is key

Integration with other systems is vital, and may be a bigger challenge than implementing the actual CRM product.

TickMaximise the value of existing customers

If resources are limited, look at using CRM to get the most out of your existing customers, rather than expending resource on acquiring new ones.

TickBe creative in what your use of data

It can be enlightening to use CRM to examine what customers didn’t do (e.g. the products they didn’t buy), as well as what they did do.

TickEstablish which metrics will measure the success of your CRM project

What will help to judge the success of your CRM project? More repeat customers? Higher-value orders? Fewer complaints?

TickEnsure there is commitment throughout the business, from top to bottom

Remember that a half-baked, rarely-used CRM system is a waste of time.


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