Devon Production Company

A smarter, more flexible approach for successful production company

The Business

Andrew set up a boutique broadcast production company over 15 years ago in south Devon. The business has achieved a string of industry awards and regularly produces films for national and international broadcasters. It currently employs three staff and works out of a studio which it rents out to other creative agencies.

The Opportunity

The production industry has developed significantly over the past five years. Andrew’s main area of growth is in corporate video. The location of his business often means that it is quite an attractive option for companies in London or Birmingham because he is able to offer a more competitive rate. Andrew and his staff spend a lot of time with clients creating, preparing and filming a video - the post production stage also involves a lot of communication. Their flexible working procedures were not as effective as they could be, meaning that the business was not running as smoothly or efficiently as it could.

Support Provided

When Andrew joined the Superfast Business service, having been to one of the awareness events, it was obvious that he was switched-on and had a lot of ideas about how his business could improve. Andrew knew where he wanted his business to go, but needed support to help him reach those goals. Andrew continues: “The initial business assessment that we had highlighted that we needed to work smarter.

Once we had been allocated a Business Adviser we got straight to work; running a full diagnostic on the business and then creating an action plan to help us gain more of a competitive advantage by exploiting Superfast Broadband.

“Our Business Adviser was then able to book me into a workshop on flexible working. The Adviser was also able to link me up with a specialist on flexible working who really supported me in developing a change management plan. What we were able to do was to unify our communications so that our voice, data and video communications were consolidated over the same network, using the Internet Protocal (IP). By doing this we were then able to have a Virtual Secure Network that now allows staff from any location to access our business applications and systems securely through the cloud - we’re working so much smarter now.

“The online resource available from the Superfast Business website proved very useful as well. I was initially sceptical about it, but I was able to communicate with a number of businesses in a similar situation and I got valuable feedback on software and technologies that others had tried.”

The Benefits

“A key issue for me, prior to accessing the Superfast Business service, was that the business needed to be smarter at working flexibly. Having worked with our Business Adviser and Specialist, I have been able to implement the change management plan which has given us more effective working practices and greatly improved productivity because of the systems we’re all using to interact with the team and with clients. Much of the technology we now use has been very low-cost or free, so our outlay has been minimal. The key benefit has been that we have improved our partner and customer relationships through unifying our communication channels. For example, we can now edit video in real-time as clients feedback to us over the phone or on Skype, that has been a real game changer for us.”


This case study is for illustrative purposes only. The characters and scenarios are fictional and used solely to highlight the types of businesses that the Superfast Business service can work with and how it can help them.


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