Faster connection transforms they way successful film production company operates

The Business

Dogbite Film Crew is a film production company and creative agency based in Falmouth. It is a collective of film makers and film professionals, including directors, producers, camera men, sound men, gaffers and creatives.

Set up in 2012, Dogbite Film Crew have already developed an impressive list of national clients, having made a number of national TV commercials as well as music videos, documentaries, shorts and features.

The Connection

General Manager Michelle Taylor says: "We are thrilled that we are one of the first businesses in the UK to have a superfast broadband 'fibre to the premises' connection. This means we are now enjoying speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is transforming the way we work. We regularly transfer extremely large files between ourselves, our clients in London and freelancers elsewhere in the UK. With regular broadband, this often took upwards of five or six hours just to transfer a single film. Now we can transfer a film in the time it takes us to have a tea break. It is absolutely fantastic!"

Michelle continues: "Just this week, one of our clients in London was delighted because we were able to send a film through to him in less than twenty minutes. Film production is a competitive industry and this means we can compete on a level playing field with leading production companies in London.

"We are shooting with RED 4K digital cinema cameras. These cameras produce enormous amounts of data, and with Superfast we can transfer these files in minutes. This level of quality is critical to our business and it does mean we need to be able to send these very large files efficiently. Now we have superfast broadband, our turnaround on jobs will be so much better and we will not be disadvantaged by being based in Cornwall. It will also mean that we can take on larger projects and gain higher profile clients, which will help grow the business and make us more successful in future.

Business Benefits

"As well as significantly faster uploads and downloads, superfast broadband has revolutionised our use of Skype. With regular broadband, the quality was impaired but now the flow of communication is smoother and the face to face communication is instant. We can even upload other files at the same time as using Skype, without it affecting the quality of the connection. It is great to be able to enjoy this standard of video-conferencing with both our national and international clients, as the extra layer of personal communication does help cement the client relationships.

"We are also making more use of cloud computing now we have superfast broadband, and again uploads and downloads are happening in an instant. I expect we will make more use of cloud computing in future for applications such as remote back up.

"Superfast is also enabling us to be more flexible and creative in the way that we approach our work. It is an enormously empowering tool and after only 2 months we are already seeing the benefits to our business and our work flow.

"Superfast broadband has given our business a terrific boost, allowing us to work more productively and putting us in a position where we can win higher value contracts in future."


This case study is courtesy of Superfast Cornwall, a pioneering programme to bring superfast broadband to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. For more information about Superfast Cornwall please visit  

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