E-commerce support from The Digital Marketplace

As part of the Plymouth and South West Peninsula City Deal, a new service is being offered to businesses throughout Cornwall, Devon and Somerset to support business growth through selling online. The Digital Marketplace offers a series of fully-funded e-commerce workshops across the region that are available for small businesses to attend with no cost to themselves, to explore the opportunities that selling online, and selling online internationally, can bring to their business.

How digital is your business and does it make a difference?

Lloyds Bank launches UK Business Digital Index

Blog: Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become key to successful sales and support over the last few years. Simon Bisson takes a look at Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics

Blog: Passwords – the do’s and don’ts

The latest list of the top 20 most commonly used (and therefore worst) passwords for 2013 shows that, believe it or not...‘123456’ is at number one, closely followed by ‘password’ and ‘12345678’. If we needed proof that all of the advice and guidance given on making passwords harder to crack is still being completely disregarded in many quarters, here it is! Steve Newton looks at the do's and don'ts of setting passwords.

Blog: The pros and cons of marketing on social media

Half a decade ago or so, small businesses were wondering whether they ought to be involved in social media. By now that’s no longer an issue; you need to be part of the conversation. Guy Clapperton takes a look at how this can actually work.

Your Digital Business in Gloucestershire

Your Digital Business - how to make your business competitive in a digital age

A to Z of E-Commerce

Selling online can LITERALLY open up a whole world of potential for your business. Join our expert speakers as they explain how to develop a successful e-commerce presence.

Blog: Preparing your business for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Kate Doodson looks at what your business should do when selecting a Customer Relationship System (CRM)

Blog: The pros and cons of BYOD

BYOD, or ‘Bring Your Own Device’, describes the increasingly common practice of organisations actively allowing employees to use their own smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like for work. Jason Meers looks at the advantages and disadvanages of adopting this approach

Blog: Are you a digital leader?

Ensuring you have the skills to be an effective digital leader is essential for the development of a long-term sustainable enterprise. Blog by David Howell


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