Blog: Could your data walk out the door?

We look at how your data can walk out the door and what you can do to ensure you understand and protect it.

Your Digital Business in Wiltshire

Your Digital Business - how to make your business competitive in a digital age

Blog: Podcasting for your business

The first thing many people ask when considering whether they should put a podcast together for their business is whether they have the right equipment – will the microphone on their laptop be OK, and of course will they be able to market the podcast to the right audience? These are concrete thoughts but Guy Clapperton suggests completely the wrong place to start. Here are his five tips on putting your podcast together.

Social Media - ways to make it work for your business

South Gloucestershire businesses can find out how to benefit from digital technologies

Blog: How to manage copyright and limit your online risk

Will Roebuck from E RADAR looks into what copyright is, why it is so important and how everyone in business should be responsible

Blog: Don’t let transport failure drive down your business profits

In the aftermath of the winter floods, businesses across the south-west are counting the cost of the impact of the severe weather and the damage to the region’s transport infrastructure. When transport networks fail, how can your businesses mitigate the risk to its bottom line? Ian Exworthy, Programme Manager looks at how you can cleverly utilise technology to help you stay operational when getting to the office is not possible.

Blog: Hangouts v Skype v Facetime

High speed broadband isn’t just for faster web access; it’s also able to open doors to new ways of working. One of those doors is video conferencing, and its bigger brother, unified communications. Freelance technology journalist, Simon Bisson compares Google's Hangouts, Microsoft's Skype and Apple's FaceTime.

Digital Leaders 100: Nominations now open

Nominations for the Digital Leaders 100 are now open!

Blog: Measuring Online Success

Kate Doodson from Cosmic IT looks at tools to measure your online success

Blog: Managing at a distance

Superfast Broadband enables staff to work remotely much more easily but can also present managers with new challenges. John Eary a senior management consultant with over 25 years experience dicusses how to manage remote workers


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