Blog: Rise of the Humans – How to Outsmart the Digital Deluge

Pic: Julie Hawker, CEO of Cosmic Ethical IT

Having recently read this book, I’ve been able to digest and interpret a number of current and future challenges for business leaders and their use of digital in the business.

Let’s start with the common current experience in our businesses. How many of you reading this article can relate to this: –

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Blog: How Digital is Your Business?

Pic: Julie Hawker, CEO of Cosmic Ethical IT

To quick start your thinking, here are a couple of startling statistics:




So far this year 38 million - or 76% of - British adults accessed the internet every day.

(And, yes, that does say “every day”)

One third of small businesses and charities don’t have basic online skills in their organisation, and of these, 75% are not currently investing in skills development

(Source: Lloyds Digital Index 2014)


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Blog: How to plan your CRM

As a small company the answer is, resoundingly, yes… as long as you plan effectively. The failure rates referred to above generally refer to large scale implementations in corporate environments. For small companies the picture is now much more straightforward with web-based technologies that can be integrated with your other systems to enable better communications with your customers and prospects, provide better insights into their needs, and help with your business analysis and planning.

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Blog: Is online learning a practical way to upskill your workforce?

Many people I talk to are still unaware of the existence of MOOCs – a fantastically broad base of educational materials that can be accessed online. Moreover, they are still largely suspicious when I tell them that they: can be accessed at any time, cater for a range of educational needs, offer certified courses and, moreover, are available for free.

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Blog: Types of Innovation

The term ‘innovation’ seems to be everywhere. The government want to encourage it in order to grow the economy. The government wants to encourage it in order to reduce the cost of public services. Big companies want to make it part of their brand. Small businesses are constantly being told they must ‘innovate or die’.

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