Blog: Hangouts v Skype v Facetime

Using voice and video tools you can open new channels to customers, and find new ways of holding meetings. You don’t need to invest in expensive video cameras or meeting rooms – all you need is some software (often free or low cost) and the cameras built into your laptop, or even into your phone.

Three of the most popular communication tools are Google’s Hangouts, Apple’s Facetime, and Microsoft’s Skype. They’re all widely used, and are easily accessible, as they’re bundled with operating systems and social networks.

Google’s Hangouts

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Blog: Measuring Online Success

How do you know if your online presence is paying off for your company? It’s not as easy as a simple Return On Investment (ROI) measurement these days, there are so many more metrics which we need to pay attention to which will give us a more accurate picture of our success.

If it’s a numbers game, we can easily measure the number of fans liking your business page on Facebook. In your analytics, you can see how many people landed on the home page of your website, but that still doesn’t tell the full story, for example:

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Blog: The end of XP...what now?

It’s not long now until Microsoft pulls the plug on support for Windows XP. It’s had a long run – over a decade – and now it’s well past its best. It’s not supported on the latest hardware, and you won’t be able to run the latest versions of productivity tools like Office. You certainly won’t be getting the most from your broadband connection.

Support and security concerns

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Blog: Living in a virtual world

In my last blog post I wrote “In my next post I’m going to look in much more detail about virtualising your systems and IT infrastructure.” and I’m kind of regretting it. The problem with virtualisation is it’s such a broad church, there are so many aspects to it. I’ll try and keep this blog short and focused on what would benefit smaller businesses rather than looking at some of the more enterprise-type applications of virtualisation.

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Blog: Why should IT suppliers join the Superfast Business network?

The service aims to ensure that businesses not only understand the benefits of the available technologies, and the business case for investing in them, but that they know what they are buying and how to buy and implement it.

To this extent Superfast Business is actually creating a marketplace for technology based on the new opportunities that fibre broadband brings. And being a South West project, it aims to ensure that South West suppliers can benefit.

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Blog: What’s new for Social Media in 2014?

New Research- Less Business, More Social

A survey that was recently carried out in the US[1] states that a quarter of people don’t want to read comments from brands or companies and 50% of people want to be more social on social media by keeping in touch more with new and old friends and family. With this in mind, we as commercial organisations have to step up our social media strategy to meet the demand for more social and less sales orientated content.

Be Visual, Be Social

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Blog: Making Email Newsletters Engaging

Last time I wrote a column here I suggested that, in order to cut down on the amount of information thrown at your inbox, you should consider unsubscribing from email newsletters. But hang on. You’re a small business and may not welcome the idea that everyone’s going to unsubscribe. So here’s the big secret: it’s up to you to stop people by offering decent content. Here are some tips from members of the Professional Speaking Association, who I canvassed for this article:

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