Blog: Are you taking IT security seriously enough?

If the results of a new survey are any indication then the answer is most likely to be an emphatic ‘no’!

Despite a raft of warnings about the dangers posed by various types of cyber threats, this new research claims that SMEs are failing to prioritise IT security as they don’t really see it as a significant risk to their business.

The past few weeks have seen a whole host of studies informing us about the dangers posed by the technologies and devices that we use on a daily basis. For example, we’ve been told that:

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Blog: Information Overload

The best thing about having an always-on Superfast Broadband connection is that it gets you so much information instantaneously. The worst thing about having an always-on Superfast Broadband connection is that it gets you so much information instantaneously – but in the real world you have to sift through it and find what’s actually useful, what needs actioning – it’s not easy.

Here are a few strategies to cope:

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Blog: Value Networks for Social Business

We’re more networked than ever before, and whether or not you actively engage in those networks they still exist. The people you work with directly and indirectly are part of those networks and ultimately, in order to understand social business, we need to move beyond seeing our businesses as
separate from those people and begin put everything into the context of connected individuals.

Network Mapping

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Blog: The Risks of Cloud Computing

In my first blog post for this website I provided an overview of cloud computing entitled ‘Moving your business to the cloud’. In this post I’ll expand on the potential risks of cloud computing for small businesses. I’ll discuss external and internal risks, and how to mitigate them, and I’ll urge you to consider carefully your business’s responsibilities and appetite for risk before you ‘make the move’.

External risks

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Blog: YouTube if You Want

OK, everybody smile and look as handsome as you can for the camera – we’re doing a corporate video. What? Yes, on the phone, it’s high resolution so it’s going to do the job. Huh? Of course it has a mic on it and somewhere there’s a video app, and we can dummy up some sort of titles using PowerPoint, there are plenty of fonts and backgrounds, there’s going to be a template we can adapt a bit – if we need to at all…

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Blog: How Effective is e-Learning?


What comes into your mind on hearing the term ‘e-Learning’? Boring page turners where the only thing you have to do is ‘click here’ to get the next screen-full? They do exist; but not all e-Learning is bad. Here’s a thought ….. If you read a bad book your reaction is one of ‘bad author’; but if you see a bad e-Learning course the probable reaction is one of ‘all e-Learning’s bad’! And it isn’t. So how do you tell?

The acid test is this ….. ‘Is it fit for purpose?’ And behind that lies the real question – what are you trying to achieve with e-Learning?

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Blog: The third industrial revolution – the digitisation of manufacturing

The first industrial revolution brought us mechanisation, the second brought us mass production and assembly lines. Now a third is extending the 20th century's digital revolution into the manufacturing domain. This is thanks to a convergence of technologies: computerised controls, digital design, new materials, advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs) such as 3D printing, renewable energy, and of course Superfast Broadband and the Web.

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