Blog: What does your digital identity say about your company?

Well, quite a lot actually. In fact new research from TalkTalk claims that small changes to your company’s digital identity – including carefully chosen email and web addresses or phone numbers – could result in significantly more business opportunities coming through the door.

So, let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to help improve your company’s perception in the eyes of those potential, and hopefully soon to be hooked, customers.

Getting the right domain name

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Blog: Is Email Dead?

Email is inefficient, the argument runs. People don’t like using it, we are constantly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it and most of it is a waste of time. The BlackBerry has become a prison warder rather than a productivity aid.

As a technology journalist and commentator I hear this sort of thing often and recognize that a lot of it is true. Equally I recognize that if you fail to communicate with a client in the way that they want, you risk losing that client completely.

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Blog: Ten steps to IT security for SMEs

First the bad news – more small businesses than ever are suffering IT security breaches. Now the good news – there’s a raft of help and guidance out there to help make sure you’re not the next!

It’s a common misconception that cyber criminals only target large multi-nationals in the hope of a bumper pay day. The reality is actually very different. Two figures stand out in the recently published 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey:

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Blog: Does cloud computing signal the death of the IT budget?

The cloud offers the potential of IT being treated as a utility, like electricity, which is a running cost rather than a physical asset.

When it comes to thinking about how we account for spending on IT, there are two types of spending: capital expenditure (capex, for long-life physical assets); and operational expenditure (opex, for day-to-day running costs).

This made sense when IT assets were expensive pieces of equipment to acquire, but the emergence of the cloud, where the use of rented IT assets is extremely cheap, makes capex effectively redundant.

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Blog: What could I do with Superfast Broadband in my business?

I’m a child of computation, born at the beginning of the seventies. After a brief affair with an Atari console, I delighted in my first programmable computer way back in 1984; it was a game changer for me. It was in the early 90’s when I worked for a print and design magazine that the first Apple Macs started to revolutionise the publishing industry, A few years later the internet made its first real appearance in my workplace, a national newspaper, we thought, at the time, what an amazing place to do research!

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