This case study is courtesy of Superfast Cornwall, a pioneering programme to bring superfast broadband to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The Business

Niddocks Online Marketing is an online marketing agency established in 2003 by Rob and Andrea Edlin, focusing on providing training, consultancy and tailored online marketing services to organisations of all types and sizes. Niddocks is a Google AdWords Certified Partner with independent agency status with Google, and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional Company.

Based near The Lizard, mainland Britain's most southerly community, Niddocks has been relying on ADSL broadband speeds of 1-1.5 Mbps (on a good day) and a very temperamental satellite connection. Running an online business with this level of connectivity has been a struggle but, as Rob says, the future now looks extremely bright:

"We now enjoy download speeds of 53 Mbps and uploads at 15 Mbps. Our business lives have been changed totally and we will be able to realise some of the dreams that we have been having for some time.

Immediate benefits

"In fact, we are already enjoying many exciting benefits since upgrading to superfast broadband. We now use Google Drive to store all of our mission critical data so that we can access it anywhere in the world (as this represents about 10Gb worth of data, it was impossible to upload it with an upload speed of 128 Kbps). And we can keep our computers up to date with the latest operating systems and patches; two days after "go live" we downloaded 10Gb worth of updates!

"Instead of having a separate ADSL connection for our VOIP telephones, we can now run them through the same internet connection as everything else. We're also making much better use of file sharing and cloud storage, and can upload or download videos and other files of any size without interfering with other tasks. We can also reliably use Google+ and Skype for video conferencing/hangouts, as streaming video for seminars and instructional videos is now possible without buffering.

Competing at an international level

In practical terms, as one of the UK's leading online marketing agencies, Niddocks can now compete at an international level. Rob explains:

"We will be able to deliver online training, video conferences and webinars, all from our office at The Lizard. We have been asked to quote for some consultancy work for a large US based organisation, which may result in a series of webinars that are accessed by people all over the world. We now have the confidence in our internet connection to be able to provide this service reliably and will use video conferencing to liaise with the client in the initial stages."

Exploiting the potential of superfast

To this impressive list of benefits, Niddocks is also adding some exciting innovations.

"We are now able to launch our new service "Niddocks Know-How"", says Andrea. "This is an entirely web video based subscription e-learning platform for online marketing. We have been working on this for some time but were unable to publish the quality of video content to our video hosts until the advent of superfast. We also intend to launch a sub service to "Niddocks Know-How" using more interactive technologies that will allow a group of people to interact on live webinars/workshops."

Smarter home entertainment

Superfast broadband is also showing its worth in Rob and Andrea's leisure time. "We can now use all the features of our Smart TV such as BBC iPlayer and are now considering VoD (video on demand) and Apple TV. We're also using iPads more for double screening whilst watching TV.


This case study is courtesy of Superfast Cornwall, a pioneering programme to bring superfast broadband to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. For more information about Superfast Cornwall please visit  

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