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Working with our business support partners across the region is key to our service.   This will ensure businesses get the best out of our service and yours, and make the most of all the business support opportunities available to them.




There are many ways in which we can work together, and this Partner section of our website will help this to happen.

By clicking on the tabs at the side, you will find details on our:

Why work with us?

The benefit of working together can be realised in many ways, and we believe that this will:

  • Enhance the client experience
  • Ensure added value to clients
  • Increase your business and generate more clients
  • Reduce confusion through a joined up approach to delivery

The following highlights some of the opportunities currently available – although we are happy to talk about any other ways


These may be our events, your events or events we put on together.  Each event is a way for us all to reach growth and growth potential businesses here in the South West:

  • Joint events – joint branded, interactive sessions to raise awareness of opportunities that technology and Superfast Broadband bring to businesses, tailored to sectors or specific topic areas
  • Speakers, presenters and/or  stands at your events to promote our service and the opportunities technology brings to businesses
  • Partner Masterclasses  – informative sessions designed to help you better understand the opportunities digital technologies bring to SMEs
  • Conferences and larger business events – opportunities for you to exhibit or present or run workshops


Sharing communication pieces will ensure that businesses are up to date with all that is happening, and fully understand increased knowledge of Superfast Broadband and its benefits.  This might include:

  • Joint promotional activity – events, seminars, conferences, PR pieces
  • Case studies  – highlighting details of how local businesses are using technology to grow their business
  • Newsletter content – provision of digital thought leadership pieces, Blogs, service updates
  • Promotional toolkit to ensure branding and positioning


There are many resources available to our partners.  We have hard copy materials which we can provide for you to pass to your clients:

  • Event listings
  • Mini “How to” guides on a range of business functions that can be improved through technology
  • Guides on Superfast Broadband and how to make the most of the speed you have

Through our Website and Knowledge Hub there are many resources available to you and your clients.  All you and your clients need to do is complete a simple registration

  • Knowledge Hub – library of guides, top tips and the latest thinking from industry experts
  • ICT supplier network – access to a database of local ICT suppliers
  • Discussion forums – to post questions and receive advice and guidance from other businesses, suppliers and specialists

Signposting to your services

We offer a free service directory listing to organisations who can offer support services to businesses in the South West


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