TickGet buy-in and involvement from the top team

Unless the top team is seen to be involved, your chances of buy-in at lower levels and, hence, success are greatly diminished.

TickAllow enough time for quality analysis of the current position

Rushing into solutions before you understand the issues can be costly.

TickThe needs of the business are paramount

Satisfy those needs simply and effectively. Don’t use technology where it is not needed.

TickSpread your net widely whilst seeking solutions

Going outside the business for reviews and recommendations of approaches can extend both time and knowledge, and enable you to make the right decisions for your business.

TickUse external consultants wisely

Ensure that you manage their time and scope, and that you listen to and consider their recommendations.

TickUnderstand the likely impact of new systems

And ensure you have prepared for that impact.

TickTest, test and test again

The time to find problems is before you go live. Make sure you test potential exceptions. Time spent in good test design is seldom wasted.

TickEnsure you have trained people effectively

The time to find misunderstandings is before you go live.

TickInvolve the people who will have to operate the systems

Make sure you understand the cultural and people impacts properly.

TickSet up a simple and effective measurement process

Your Key Performance Indicators should warn of underlying issues.


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