Blog: Podcasting for your business

Consider whether you’ll have enough to say

A radio show to which people can listen on their phone is a useful way of getting in front of the customer or prospect regularly and making yourself their first choice when they need something you can offer. However, podcasting isn’t for everybody – will you be able to put together a programme once a month, a week, a fortnight, and will it have something of value every time? The occasional sales message is fine but the emphasis needs to be on ‘occasional’. What is your podcast going to say?


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BIS News: £73 million to improve access to data and drive innovation

Speaking at a GovNet conference on high performance computing and big data later today (6 February 2014), David Willetts will outline details of the projects that help bring large sets of complex data into usable formats that can inform research and analysis. It is estimated that the big data market will benefit the UK economy by £216 billion and create 58,000 new jobs before 2017. The 55 projects receiving investment will drive innovation in a number of diverse areas, including developing a better understanding of human disease, tackling obesity and solving transport problems.
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Blog: Why should IT suppliers join the Superfast Business network?

The service aims to ensure that businesses not only understand the benefits of the available technologies, and the business case for investing in them, but that they know what they are buying and how to buy and implement it.

To this extent Superfast Business is actually creating a marketplace for technology based on the new opportunities that fibre broadband brings. And being a South West project, it aims to ensure that South West suppliers can benefit.

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Blog: Value Networks for Social Business

We’re more networked than ever before, and whether or not you actively engage in those networks they still exist. The people you work with directly and indirectly are part of those networks and ultimately, in order to understand social business, we need to move beyond seeing our businesses as
separate from those people and begin put everything into the context of connected individuals.

Network Mapping

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Blog: Ten steps to IT security for SMEs

First the bad news – more small businesses than ever are suffering IT security breaches. Now the good news – there’s a raft of help and guidance out there to help make sure you’re not the next!

It’s a common misconception that cyber criminals only target large multi-nationals in the hope of a bumper pay day. The reality is actually very different. Two figures stand out in the recently published 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey:

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