E-commerce support from The Digital Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace is a unique service that is funded by the Regional Growth Fund and provided in partnership with UK Trade & Investment. The service imparts expert knowledge in a workshop format to businesses in the south-west that are looking for advice on how to sell online successfully or grow their business through national and international e-commerce.

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Broadband boost to South Gloucestershire’s rural economy thanks to major investment in Superfast support

Businesses across South Gloucestershire are set to benefit from a £200,000 investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Superfast Business to help them benefit from new digital technologies enabled by faster broadband.

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Blog: Why should IT suppliers join the Superfast Business network?

The service aims to ensure that businesses not only understand the benefits of the available technologies, and the business case for investing in them, but that they know what they are buying and how to buy and implement it.

To this extent Superfast Business is actually creating a marketplace for technology based on the new opportunities that fibre broadband brings. And being a South West project, it aims to ensure that South West suppliers can benefit.

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Broadband boost to business in Bath & North East Somerset

With broadband speeds and availability improvements currently being carried out in Bath and North East Somerset this is an exciting and positive time for businesses across the South West.  The introduction of faster broadband means businesses can embrace the latest technologies, create greater opportunities and improve efficiencies.  Superfast Business, a new service launching in the region, offers fully funded support to help businesses do just that.

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Blog: Are you taking IT security seriously enough?

If the results of a new survey are any indication then the answer is most likely to be an emphatic ‘no’!

Despite a raft of warnings about the dangers posed by various types of cyber threats, this new research claims that SMEs are failing to prioritise IT security as they don’t really see it as a significant risk to their business.

The past few weeks have seen a whole host of studies informing us about the dangers posed by the technologies and devices that we use on a daily basis. For example, we’ve been told that:

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Blog: The Risks of Cloud Computing

In my first blog post for this website I provided an overview of cloud computing entitled ‘Moving your business to the cloud’. In this post I’ll expand on the potential risks of cloud computing for small businesses. I’ll discuss external and internal risks, and how to mitigate them, and I’ll urge you to consider carefully your business’s responsibilities and appetite for risk before you ‘make the move’.

External risks

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Blog: YouTube if You Want

OK, everybody smile and look as handsome as you can for the camera – we’re doing a corporate video. What? Yes, on the phone, it’s high resolution so it’s going to do the job. Huh? Of course it has a mic on it and somewhere there’s a video app, and we can dummy up some sort of titles using PowerPoint, there are plenty of fonts and backgrounds, there’s going to be a template we can adapt a bit – if we need to at all…

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