Don’t let bad weather put a deep freeze on your business

With recent winters in the UK bringing with them severe weather in the form of heavy rain and snow, businesses are suffering at the hands of Mother Nature; last year more than half (55%)[i] of UK small firms were impacted financially by extreme weather. Superfast Business is offering a series of workshops to help businesses in the south-west utilise technology to grow their business and stay operational when severe weather is causing disruption to the region’s infrastructure.

The cost of weather-risk

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Blog: The Risks of Cloud Computing

In my first blog post for this website I provided an overview of cloud computing entitled ‘Moving your business to the cloud’. In this post I’ll expand on the potential risks of cloud computing for small businesses. I’ll discuss external and internal risks, and how to mitigate them, and I’ll urge you to consider carefully your business’s responsibilities and appetite for risk before you ‘make the move’.

External risks

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Blog: Moving your business to the cloud

If, like me, you run a small business then you probably don’t have a dedicated IT department or racks of computer hardware in multiple data centres around the globe. But, even without vast resources, human or capital, you can still make use of IT systems and services on a par with those used by large organisations, and all you need is a decent internet connection and some run-of-the-mill devices to connect to them. This is possible thanks to cloud computing, which is fast becoming the de facto standard method for delivering and receiving IT services. But what is cloud computing?

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Blog: A life in the clouds

Whilst it is true that some people simply cannot divorce themselves from the workplace because of the type of work they do, high speed connections to the internet, such as superfast broadband and 4G, are enabling the majority of us to do business remotely with ease. Of course this freedom is a major change for most workers and needs to be managed carefully to maximise the benefits and avoid any obvious pitfalls.


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