Blog: The pros and cons of BYOD

Some of you may be old enough to remember the arrival of the very first ‘company laptop’ and the very first ‘company mobile phone’ and all of the excitement it generated from crowds of onlookers who had ‘seen the future of business’. These devices often had to be booked out with a guardian and required special permission or authorisation to be taken off-site.

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Your Digital Business in Wiltshire

Join us at this FREE event funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Wiltshire Council for an exploration of how digital technology and faster broadband can significantly enhance your business performance and open up a whole new world of opportunity.

Event Information: 'Your Digital Business'

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Don’t let bad weather put a deep freeze on your business

With recent winters in the UK bringing with them severe weather in the form of heavy rain and snow, businesses are suffering at the hands of Mother Nature; last year more than half (55%)[i] of UK small firms were impacted financially by extreme weather. Superfast Business is offering a series of workshops to help businesses in the south-west utilise technology to grow their business and stay operational when severe weather is causing disruption to the region’s infrastructure.

The cost of weather-risk

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