Blog: The pros and cons of marketing on social media

Firstly, it’s worth checking how you’re doing on social media already. You might not have been on Facebook or Twitter but you can be pretty certain your customers will. If your trading name is reasonably distinctive try searching for it, either on Google or directly on one of the social networks. If anything comes up,  that’s part of your reputation and branding and you need to be in control or at least taking part.

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Your Digital Business in Wiltshire

Join us at this FREE event funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Wiltshire Council for an exploration of how digital technology and faster broadband can significantly enhance your business performance and open up a whole new world of opportunity.

Event Information: 'Your Digital Business'

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Blog: Measuring Online Success

How do you know if your online presence is paying off for your company? It’s not as easy as a simple Return On Investment (ROI) measurement these days, there are so many more metrics which we need to pay attention to which will give us a more accurate picture of our success.

If it’s a numbers game, we can easily measure the number of fans liking your business page on Facebook. In your analytics, you can see how many people landed on the home page of your website, but that still doesn’t tell the full story, for example:

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Blog: What’s new for Social Media in 2014?

New Research- Less Business, More Social

A survey that was recently carried out in the US[1] states that a quarter of people don’t want to read comments from brands or companies and 50% of people want to be more social on social media by keeping in touch more with new and old friends and family. With this in mind, we as commercial organisations have to step up our social media strategy to meet the demand for more social and less sales orientated content.

Be Visual, Be Social

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